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Smoking And Sucking Penis

Dirty Smokers

Loretta has always been a smoker for just about as long as she can remember and she has never even thought of it being an erotic experience. One day a few weeks ago though Loretta was sitting in a bar smoking her cigarette and letting massive clouds of smoke blow above her head. She just happened to turn around after a few minutes and notice a boy in the corner of the room watching her very intently and she couldn’t bring herself to look away. Soon enough the dude came over and introduced himself and it wasn’t long before Loretta found herself inviting him back to her place.

That night Loretta found her first guy who really got off on watching a woman smoke. Every time she took a puff of smoke she saw his ramrod get even harder than before and finally he was begging her to blow the smoke on his powerful penis. Loretta couldn’t resist as she stroked her hand up and down that fat hard knob. She felt his fuck tool quiver in her hand as the smoke carressed his large weenie and he kept on begging her for more smoke each time!

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