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Month: April, 2021

She’ll Make a Man Out of You

If you’ve ever had a fantasy featuring a hot older woman, then you’re not alone. Most of us dreamed of fucking a teacher, a librarian, our friends’ moms, or even our mom’s friends. Especially if one of those happened to be a sexy lady with a rocking bod! It’s only natural.

I remember one of my friends had a mom that would put most pornstars to shame. Or at least in my eyes anyway. She had massive tits and always showed a bit too much cleavage. Or at least that’s what my mom would say about her. I thought it was just right. I always would stare at those incredible melons and hope that a button on her blouse would break and make my little teenage heart soar. But, since that never happened, I was reserved to my own fantasies, where she would strip down, take me by the cock, and make a man out of me!

Today, I like to relive those fantasies and save 67% with a Lil Humpers discount. Here I find tons of gorgeous and slutty older women who get down and dirty with barely legal teen boys who are skinny and as scrawny as I was. The results are tremendously hot hardcore porn with a naughty older/younger twist!