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Helen Smokes With Her Love bud

Dirty Smokers

Helen is a cute teen who loves to play the part of the cute teeny honey! When she met her current fuck buddy she started teasing him by calling him a dirty old man since he was quite a few years older than her. Helen didn’t really care though, in fact she loved being the center of his attention and she particuarly loved teasing him and turning him on to the point where he just couldn’t take any more! When Helen found out that her new fuck buddy loved to watch cuties smoke she just knew that she had him just where she wanted him!

One night when they were together Helen lit up a cigarette and she watched as his eyes lit up like diamonds. He watched every drag she took from that cigarette and then as she started to slowly strip she watched his dick get so hard that he had to drop his jeans before he seriously hurt himself. Helen slipped down her panties and slid her hand between her legs and put that cigarette to her cunt lips. She watched as he slid his hand down his boxers and started to caress his rock hard dong!

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