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Month: December, 2021

Her reaction to cock in public is priceless

Every so often you find a girl who is willing and ready to take it as it comes. Today that girl just happens to be waiting at the bus stop. She looks very ripe for the picking and this dude is about to find out just how ready she is. Now, if I did something like this I’d be lucky not to get a slap in the face, but he seems to know when to choose his moments.

Flopping his cock out without a second thought she seems to notice it right away and her reaction is priceless. At this point, most women would be calling for the police but she has other plans for him and he is about to find out just what that means for him and his lucky cock.

She gives him a little glance as if to say what the hell are you doing and before he can react she has her lips around his cock. This dude is a champ but the play of the day has to go to her. She was willing to suck it in public and she didn’t even think twice about letting him put the video of it on Porn Kai so we can all see the action.

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