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Month: April, 2017

Luring Girls at Free Hookup Sites

How do you lure chicks after joining ? Well, if you have to ask chances are you have a pretty weak game. I feel really bad for you because the reason why you’re failing is not because somebody out there wants you to fail. You need to get that idea out of your head. There is no group of people conspiring for you to get all lonely at night and jerk off. Nobody cares!

The reason why you’re failing is because you’re afraid. Seriously, you are fearful of failure. I’m telling you right now, the fact that you’re not taking steps to lure chicks at free hookup sites so you can fuck them is a sign of failure. Think about it! If you define failure as not fucking then you are already failing. So, what is there to fear? Get over your fear! You know, stop thinking that the world’s gonna fall apart if you make a fool out of yourself in front of these women. Get over that!

First of all, you’re online. People are not going to care. It’s not like you are at a bar and you try to pick up on a chick for, flat on your face and everybody laughs and points fingers at you, it’s not like that. So, get over that and try to reach out to as many chicks as possible, get rejected as quickly as possible, and pay attention to why you got rejected. Come up with a pattern. Come up with a new way of doing things and then reach out again. You see how this works?

You cannot just sit idly by and think that the world is passing you by and you’re a victim. Dude, that is the mentally of a loser. If you wanna win make sure that you give it everything you got but don’t go into too hard. You don’t want to come off as you’re desperate. Focus more on learning and paying attention to signals. If you’re able to do this, you’d be able to see patterns, you can see which chicks are more likely to give you the pussy and which chicks are definitely not worth your time. The good news is the signs are there. You only need to look for it.