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Month: July, 2011

Hot Panty Show Off

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Ass Spanked Blonde Joelean

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Kelly Is Divine

Kelly Is Divine

Kelly Divine usually likes to fill her pussy with real cock, but when one’s not around, a giant dildo will have to do. “I have no use for tiny dildos,” she said. “I’m a big girl and I need big toys. Maybe I’ll use a tiny dildo on my ass, but that’s about it. I love that stretched-out feeling that a big, thick dildo gives me. When I bought this one, the guy at the cash register gave me a look like I was crazy, like he couldn’t believe I was gonna use it on myself. I looked at him and said, ‘It’s perfect.’ And then I went home and tried it out.” Kelly demonstrates how she uses her big dildo right here. Don’t you wish you were plastic?

Kelly Is Divine

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Amy Starz

Amy Starz Amy Starz
Amy Starz @
I thought I had white people figured out but I was wrong. I’ve been fucking this white honey on the side, Amy Starz. She has told me over and over again that my big black dick is the only one that can make her shake and moan while the walls nearly crumble down. She thought her dad was out of town so I could pummel her white pussy in privacy. Once we got there we found him fast asleep and didn’t waste a moment of him being unable to witness his little girl getting a big black dick pounding. The girl has some mad cock sucking skills and her pussy wrapped its lips around my big black pole as if it were hugging it. The shit that was coming out of her mouth nearly woke her old man up which made this even more exciting.She rode on top of me, let me fuck her from behind, and let me spoon feed her my 3rd leg all while her pops was 2 feet away. Take notice as her pussy gets beet red the longer we fuck and it was soon time for me to drop my man sauce all over her cute little face. If he only knew what his daughter did while he was asleep then I’d probably be dead this second.
Amy Starz Amy Starz
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Summer Bailey

Summer Bailey Summer Bailey
Summer Bailey @
Summer Bailey’s day must have started off nice enough but somewhere it went wrong. Was it when she went shopping only to be struck by an overactive bladder? Was it the second she decided not to wait to go home and instead use a public restroom. It can be pinpointed to the very second that a white stranger followed her inside in hopes of getting his dick wet. He waited behind the wall as Bailey got naked and very vulnerable. He seized the moment and risked getting cut as he gave Summer Bailey some unwanted attention. As her black pussy was being rubbed she decided to lick the base of his dick and work her way north. Her nose kept touching the wall as her mouth wasn’t given any time off from cracker consumption. Her dripping cootchie was next up in line for relentless pounding. Her titties bouncing in the air, her ass spread as far as possible, and very real chance of getting caught with her pants down. Watch closely as the throbbing white dick shoots wave after wave of white seed right down her throat. All that goo and not one drop was wasted.
Summer Bailey Summer Bailey

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