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Month: April, 2015

Why Many Guys Can’t Get Cougar Fuck Action

The interesting thing about getting cougar fuck action is that it’s the same way as getting any other kind of action. You really have to believe in yourself when using sites like That’s the bottom line. If you can’t get any action or any kind of woman or any kind of setting, you really only have yourself to blame.


A lot of guys would like to point a finger at the fact that they don’t have any money, they don’t ride the right kind of car, they hang out with the wrong kind of people, but if you really think about it this is really just blame finding. This is really just that these guys are being bitches. If you want to get anything in this life, you have to step up and be a man about it. You have to put in the right amount of effort, time, and energy. Otherwise, you’re just going to get treated like a bitch. You are just going to be treated like a loser and that’s all you’re going to get.


Sadly, there are too many male bitches out there that just think about cougar fuck action and don’t really do anything about it. You have to understand that the world has its own rule. It has its own agenda and you need to get with the program. Simply expecting the world to bend over or spread its legs just because you’re horny is simply wishful thinking. You’re not going to get far. If you want to get success, you have to think like a person who is out to be a success. In other words, you need to align your actions with your thinking.

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Are Sex Toy Apps Good?


There has been a lot of talk about sex toys that can be controlled completely by apps. However, one author over at Fusion doesn’t think that these sex toys, which don’t really require any type of human contact, are not so great after all. Lux Alptraum is a noted sex writer, who thinks that this new trend in sex toys is just that – a trend. One that has been brought on by an onslaught of fitness trackers and a desire to control our whole lives through these pocket sized devices from which it is so hard to unstick ourselves. It’s kind of like when you try to mix too much art with too much technology – the result is often cold and misguided. According to Lux, removing the human touch from sex could be disastrous for some people.

Don’t misquote her though, Lux does love the fact that sex toys and other sexy technologies have enabled people to experience more pleasure than ever before. She even thinks that sexting and having a hot Skype session is a great idea. Smartphones and invasive technology might be considered a threat to the intimacy that many crave in the bedroom.

Lux does think that smartphone controlled sex toys do have their place in the world. They are great for when you’re far away on business and your partner is horny, and it’s fun to spice things up once in a while. She feels that if used in the bedroom on the regular, smartphone sex toys would actually take away from the intimate couple sex experience, rather than improve it. Some makers of smartphone sex toys think that they actually increase communication, but that communication would only be about what setting they like, not about how to pleasure each other with their bodies. What do you think about smartphone controlled sex toys? Would you try one?

Source: Are Sex Toy Apps Good?