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Tracy Tracy
Tracy @
Hi Kids! Hope you had a great Turkey Day! I know I did…I hogged *all* the dark meat on the table 😉 — ok, ok. Bad joke. But this week’s update is no joke. I was stuck in this ghetto gas station, getting my car filled up, and I had to go to the bathroom. So I tell my girlfriend where I’m going, and as I’m squatting, trying to squeeze a pee (oh man, that bathroom was soooo gross! Yuck!) the door opens, and I’m thinking it’s my girlfriend, and it’s not — it’s this total ghetto girl called Tracy. Now, I suffer from stage fright. I can’t go if there’s anyone else in the room, but that didn’t bother Tracy. So since I couldn’t go, the only thing to do was start lickin’ her black poontang. Well, she ain’t no true colored girl, but she’ll do in a pinch! Oh yea, I might as well tell you now…she made me eat her ass. Ewww. Oh well. Get it done quick so my girlfriend waiting out in the car doesn’t miss me too much! LOL. Enjoy boys, and till next week — kisses!
Tracy Tracy
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