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Tailgating Toosh!

Tailgating Toosh!

In the Sept. ’09 issue you told us that you were a freak in geek’s clothing…

“[Laughs.] Well, I wasn’t lying. I am your typical nice girl with a horny streak. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with a woman who is confident with her sexuality. I think my freaky side comes from all the erotic novels I read. I read a lot, and why not read something that makes my pussy wet, right? I guess I am a geek and a freak!”

You are showing a whole lot of ass in those tiny shorts for a geek, Joei

“Well, that’s because I like to dress to attract attention to my assets. And my big ass is an asset, isn’t it? Besides, this is how California girls get down. Everyone dresses like this at barbeques on game day. How else would we distract the guys from the television? [Laughs.] But to tell the truth, I like to dress up for my man, so sometimes it’s hot to wear a skanky cheerleader outfit and strut around with your ass jiggling around. And once you get a man’s attention, you bend over and say you want to take one for the team!”

So are you saying that you like to have sex outdoors, Joei?

“What better place to get your freak on than in the sunshine, right? I used to think it was too wild, but then I had sex in the middle of the day in a pretty garden and I changed my opinion about having sex outdoors. The only thing is that if you fuck outside, make sure that you keep the screaming and moaning to a minimum volume, especially if you are fucking near someone’s house. Let’s just say that I learned my lesson about that the hard way!”

Well, now you are going to have to tell us your outdoor fucking story.

“[Laughs.] Well, like I said, I am a shy geek, but I can be coaxed into being a nasty slut. Well, I was on a lunch date with this guy and one thing led to another and before I knew it, we were making out and tearing each other’s clothes off in this little, secluded garden. Then we just started fucking and I got all loud and nasty and we heard a gasp and I saw that there was a group of ladies having a tea party next door and they saw us!”

Tailgating Toosh!

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