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She Thinks She’s Shocked Now

Just wait until she looks down and notices just how lopsided her tits are. Seriously, WTF? I want to blame it on the angle that the pic was taken as it can do funny things sometimes but damn, that is a substantial difference. I’ve seen pics of chicks with boobs that are not symmetrical but dayhum, this is some next level shit right here.

Perhaps I should look her up. I kind of feel confident that I’ll find that no matter how terrible this pic makes it look it isn’t really so. I say that because I just can’t see Reality Kings using a model with tits the way it looks here. I actually came here to tell you guys that we can get up to 74% off in savings with a Reality Kings discount as they are running some sweet specials at the moment. I don’t know about you but to me, that’s a lot of money saved and a membership to one of the best porn networks in the world for less than 8 bucks is something I’m not prepared to pass up on.