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Mischa Mckinnon

Mischa Mckinnon Mischa Mckinnon
Mischa Mckinnon @
I can’t tell where the fuck this one came from. She’s either half black and half white or her parents were from some other planet. It’s kind of confusing like when you can’t tell if you’re looking at meat or porn and that’s a problem I can’t stand. Anyways, Mischa came by looking for some dead presidents in exchange for room and board in her wet mouth. I was sniffing my "medicine" when I found some extra cash in the folds of my couch….and stomach. Instead of damaging my nostrils any further I used the money to have Mischa drool all over my cock like a wild beast. She was amazed at the size of my dick but then again she could have been just another sarcastic cunt who made her way to my "rock house".
Mischa Mckinnon Mischa Mckinnon
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