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Mia Smiles

Mia Smiles Mia Smiles
Mia Smiles @
Ever spoon feed a little Asian girl a black man’s cum? Well, I have, and if you’ve never seen it before, feast your eyes on this week’s update. My old pal Jason Brown brings his 9 inch black beef stick over to my place to stretch Mia’s pussy wide open. I mean does he stretch it or what? Like a rubber band, til it almost snaps. It’s fun to watch the little lady wince in delightful pain from the size of a black man’s unit. I think Mia’s a closet sub. She really didn’t let me beat the shit out of her this week, but she sure seems to be leaning that way. You’re gonna love what Jason’s dick does to her, that’s for sure…now slurp that jizz out of my spoon, bitch! XOXO – Ruthie.
Mia Smiles Mia Smiles

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