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Lisa Takes On Two Heavy Sausages

Lust Comics

Lisa had finally convinced herself to head down to the gym of her apartment building after talking herself out of working out for far too long. When she got down there though she realized that it was more of a private gym belonging to two of the guys from her building because no one else was around at all. As she walked in the guys looked at her with a grin and she asked if it would be okay for her to come in and workout, the studs invited her in without hesitation.

At first Lisa started to workout, ignoring the dudes staring at her but when she came around the side of one of the machines she noticed that one of the guys had his cock out. She couldn’t stop staring, she knew she shouldn’t but it was the biggest penis she had ever set eyes on and she couldn’t help but stare. He smiles at her and waved his penis in his hand and it was then that Lisa decided that a much more fun workout would be trying to take on two large cocks at the same time!

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