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Leo Takes On A Cross Dressing Bitch

The Cross Dressers

Leo was hanging out at his favorite bar downtown when he spotted a kitten pie looking at him. After just breaking up with his girlfriend he was looking for a good fuck and when he spotted this brunette hottie in the dimly lit bar he knew that it was the perfect opportunity for him to get a good fuck in with a total stranger. Leo beckoned her over and they got to talking and decided to head back to Leo’s place for some more drinks and a little fun. As soon as they stepped out of the bar though, Leo knew that something wasn’t right, his new friend looked more like a guy than a hottie!

Leo had decided to get back to his place and have it out with the boy, ask him what the hell he was thinking tricking him like that but things didn’t quite unfold that way when they got home. Leo was just about to unleash his tyrade when his new friend reached over and rubbed Leo’s plump meaty cock. Leo couldn’t help it, his ramrod was getting harder by the second and soon enough he felt the fellows lips around his sausage, sucking him to the most excellent feeling he had ever felt!

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