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Ivy Ivy
Ivy @
Ivy was so brand new to the porn game that I had to break her in like a pair of my xxxxxlarge boxer shorts. She just got off the plane, got in a car, and got to my place because apparently there’s a big dollar sign on my roof. These stupid bitches keep telling one another that I pay top dollar to fuck these low lifes on camera for YOUR viewing pleasure. Although it’s true, I don’t like hearing the doorbell ring when I’m expecting Chinese take-out and I come across this emotionless slut. Ivy must have learned how to have sex from those old sex-ed reels from the 1950’s because it was like fucking a corpse. Hell, fucking a corpse would have been a better idea since it would have been warmer versus Ivy’s cold body. I couldn’t wait to drop my load on her, send her home, and think long and hard about what I just put myself through.
Ivy Ivy
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